2017/18 Ballet Class Schedule

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We are thrilled to announce we will begin the 2017/18 school year in our beautiful, spacious new facility at 70 Greenfield Avenue, San Anselmo.

Please note: All classes that are designated "By Placement" are classes that are associated with our Youth Company packages. If you wish to enroll in one of these classes without joining the Youth Company, you must contact the school office at 415.454.5759 (* different than previously published)

Magical Music & Movement (18-30 month olds)

Creative Movement (2.5 yrs)

Rhythm & Dance (3 yrs)

Intro to Dance (4 yrs)

Pre Ballet 1 (5 yrs)

Pre Ballet 2 (6 yrs)

Pre Ballet 3 (7 yrs)

Ballet 1 (8 yrs)

Ballet 2 (9 yrs)

Ballet 3 (by placement)

Ballet 4 (by placement)

Ballet 5 (by placement)

Ballet 6 (by placement)

Advanced 1/2 (by placement)

Advanced 3 (by placement)

Advanced 4 (by placement)

NEW: Contemporary Jazz (8-10 yrs)

Teen Ballet

(* different than previously published)

2017/18 Stapleton Youth Company

The Stapleton Youth Company meets the needs of students that wish to pursue an intensive, accelerated and rigorous training path. Participation in the Youth Company provides the dancer with high technical standards and performing skills. Youth Company dancers take multiple classes per week and work hard to develop skills that lead and inspire younger students. Company dancers perform in the annual Nutcracker. Participation in the Spring Ballet production is exclusive to Youth Company dancers. Youth Company packages offer a significant discount on tuition and workshop fees, as well as a year-end individual dancer assessment, performance opportunities, and field trips. New this year: Enhanced Curriculum (E.C.) options available for students at the Pre Junior 2 level and higher!

Apprentice 1 Company

Apprentice 2 Company

Pre Junior 1 Company

Pre Junior 2 Company

Junior Company

Senior 1/2 Company

Senior 3/4 Company

^ Varies for new/returning students
* Must take technique class the same day as warm-up to EC Class